7+ Daily Questions Every Entrepreneur Should Answer

Every day comes with new challenges and tasks. Setting up your mind right is the task that every entrepreneur should do in order to achieve great results. Before you move on with your day, take a quick step back and review it by asking yourself number of questions. By asking these questions daily, you keep your focus strong and there’s a much greater chance that you’re going to succeed in the long run.

So, questions that every entrepreneur (or actually anyone) should ask before starting a day are:

#1 Which task is the most important and is it going to bring you the most valuable results?

I believe that you already have a daily to do list prepared when you wake up. If not, START doing it!

Knowing what’s your daily plan is very crucial because if you don’t have it, believe me – someone else is going to have a plan for you and it may not be in your best interests. So when you have your plan, you should understand which task is the most important. Yes, you already understand that it doesn’t matter if you like it or not, but if the least comfortable or the hardest one is the most valuable, you should prioritise it as your #1. Every day, make your goal to complete at least 3 tasks and one of them should be the one you selected as the most valuable. Always, ALWAYS start your day with the #1.

#2 If you only had 1 hour per day, which task would make the biggest impact? 

Life is very unpredictable and sometimes things happen and you may not have enough time to finish everything you’ve planned. This question is more like a quick check if you’ve answered your first one correct. Once you’ll have developed a skill to always be honest with yourself and answer your first daily question right, this one is only going to be a quick ready before you move on to the next one. Also, if you always complete the most valuable task of a day, you’ll still feel ok with yourself even though there’s a lot you haven’t completed.

#3 Is this really worth it and if I’m chasing the dream?

In online space, often creating an online business in a small niche that’s very limited may take the same time and effort as in a large industry but results for the first one may be very limited but for the other one ‘sky’s the limit’. By asking this question you understand and stay focused on what you really want not what gives you the quickest gratification feeling.

#4 What can I do better today than I did yesterday?

It’s a quick review of your past where you already know most mistakes you’ve done. Once you admit them and tell yourself that today you have a chance to improve, it’s all you need to quickly overcome your bad habits. This is something that I really enjoy doing. It’s a productive way to always improve and progress is what makes us happy. If you’re not improving, you’re going backwards. There’s no standing still!

#5 Is there a way to spend less time on my tasks?

Not everything is that important than you may think. Many if your tasks can be either outsourced or sometimes even crossed out because they don’t matter. It also forces you to think about other options and in some cases there’s a tool that you can buy or use for free to accomplish something way quicker. I.e. You need an old domain name (expired domain) with great stats. It takes quite a bit of time and effort to find it but there are hundreds of services out there that may help you by asking a small fee in return.

#6 What are my main principles and values? 

I struggled a while ago when multiple offers came from dodgy industries and promised a big paycheque at the end. Yes, some of them may provide me with great returns but I don’t see myself in such industries. I want to help people not to destroy their lives (I’m talking about Gambling). So every time such opportunities appear, it’s very easy for me to reject because every day I remind myself about my principles. I.e. One of them is No Gambling period. Principles help you make quicker decisions and move on.

#7 What would I do if I had 100 million USD in my account? 

Firstly, this question keeps you hungry to achieve what you want. Also, it always helps you understand what you really like and open up your mind for new ideas of things that you enjoy the most in life.

So once again and all in one place for an easier daily usage:

  1. Which task is going to bring the most value?
  2. If I only had 1 hour per day, which task would make the biggest impact?
  3. Is this really worth it and am I chasing the dream?
  4. What can I do better today than yesterday?
  5. Is there a way to spend less time on my tasks?
  6. What are my main principles and values?
  7. What would I do if I had 100 million USD in my account?